How do I submit a Bacteriological Sampling Plan?

  1. On the Customer Portal, select Create Work Item from the left side navigation pane.

  2. In the Create Work Item card, pick Community Water Supply for the Entity Type, Bacteriological (or Sampling Plans) for the Request Category, and Bacteriological Sampling Plan for the Type.

  3. Enter in your Entity by typing in the Entity Name or PWSID and clicking the Entity from the list.

  4. Click the Create button.

  5. When the Bacteriological Sampling Plan Submission page appears, click Start Form under the Tasks section.

  6. When the form appears, review the auto-populated data for accuracy. If incorrect, contact your district analyst (listed in the form).

  7. Scroll down to the Distribution Sample Sites table and click + Add Sample Site.

  8. A new area of the form will open and allow you to enter routine and repeat sample site information. Click Save.

  9. To add additional sample sites, click the + Add Sample Site button again and repeat until all distribution sites are entered.

  10. Groundwater systems need to list all the source sample sites in the Source Sample Sites and Other Non-Distribution Sites table by clicking the + Add Source button.

  11. The form will open and allow you to type out the source sample site information. Click Save.

  12. To add additional groundwater source sites, click the + Add Source button again and repeat until all source sites are entered.

  13. You can enter general comments in the line below the source table.

  14. Scroll down more and enter Laboratory Contact information and Public Advisory, Education, and Notification information.

  15. Enter Other Distribution Methods (optional).

  16. Then, click Submit.

  17. The form must be certified before it gets sent to EGLE. On the Work Item overview page, click Proceed to Certification.

  18. The Certifier must review the form before certifying. Click Review Form. The form will appear; review and revise if needed and click Submit at the bottom of the form.

  19. When the Certifier Task is checked off, the Submit to EGLE button will appear. Click Submit to EGLE.

  20. When the status changes to In Review, you will know your submittal made it to EGLE.

  21. While in the In Review status, you can still download a copy of the form from the Attachments card. You will be notified when EGLE’s review is complete and/or if more information or revisions are needed.

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